AIM Intervention Guidance for Adolescents Who Display HSB

 Two Day AIM Intervention Course: Working with young people who display harmful sexual behavior  
Target audience
This course is targeted at professionals from Social Care, Youth Offending and Specialist providers, who are working with young people presenting with harmful sexual behaviours (HSB).
Participants should have a basic understanding of harmful sexual behaviours, gained through attending our foundation courses, and/or possibly AIM3 training, or relevant practice experience. There is also a requirement that the participants have experience of complex assessment work and/or direct work with children and young people.  
Course Aim
This two-day course aims to develop practice confidence and competence in working with young people with harmful sexual behaviours, and their families. It is based on the AIM Intervention Guidance (Guilhermino & McCarlie 2019) which is designed to complement the AIM3 assessment and case formulation outcome. It will describe an intervention framework containing four stages which has been devised to ensure intervention goals are bespoke to each young person based on their developmental needs.  
Theoretical perspectives underpinning interventions are provided, along with guidance, exercises and tools that can be used during each stage of the framework with young people, parents/carers and other relevant adults. The training highlights the essential role adults play in preventing or supporting the effectiveness of interventions.  
Learning Outcomes
By the end of the course participants will:
Develop confidence and competence in using the AIM Intervention Framework to develop an intervention plan bespoke to the individual needs of a young person
Understand the need for engagement and openness with all the adults around the young person
Have an understanding of the theories and approaches underpinning the framework
Have been provided with examples of exercises for use in practice and the opportunity to try these out

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