AIM Checklists

AIM Checklists help to put sexual behaviours in perspective and to identify those that need short interventions and those which require further assessment. The checklists have been recently updated and reflect concerns around use of technology.

There are four checklists
2.Children under 12 years old
3.Adolescents with learning disabilities
4.Children with learning disabilities

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New course dates for AIM3 Assessment, AIM Intervention, AIM Under 12 Assessment and AIM & NSPCC Technology-Assisted HSB Practice Guidance have been added.

We are also offering the NEW Foundation Awareness of Technology-Assisted Harmful Sexual Behaviour course. This one-day awareness raising course has been designed for social care, youth offending, education, health staff and the third sector workforce with an introduction to how technology may play a role in harmful sexual behaviours.
It is ideal for practitioners who may not be directly involved in risk assessments, but who wish to have an up to date understanding of this subject.

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Restorative Practice and HSB Guidance

We are pleased to have launched our new book, Restorative Practice and HSB Guidance by Vince Mercer, in October.

The book and training were very well received by all participants

‘I work with victims of youth crime some of which entail sexual offences. I have co-worked a restorative conference and may need to again in the future so having the training has been enlightening and essential.’

 ‘I found the online training very useful. I appreciate a lot of time and effort went into preparing this as a face to face course, and the work it would’ve taken to make it appropriate as an online session would’ve been just as enormous, but I think Vince did this very well. I think the use of group work really made everyone think and communicate, and is a valuable tool during training….’

 ‘I think being in a normal face to face group setting would have been better but given the current pandemic, the option to train on line is still beneficial. I have gained a lot of knowledge and awareness from the course that will impact the way I structure complex and sensitive cases, particularly on sexual offences…’

 We have a few vacancies remaining on the December and February courses, please see ‘AIM Organised Courses’ for more details

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